I am a retired member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I retired in 2017 after serving 31 years in policing ( 25 of those years right here in Nanaimo). During my policing career, I worked on General Duty, Community Policing, School Liaison, and Traffic Services. My years on General Duty( street patrol) gave me experience dealing with Public Safety, Mental Health, Drug Addictions, homelessness, and developing options dealing with these various issues. In Community Policing, I worked with numerous community organizations and developed community partnerships that I still maintain today. I was in charge of the Municipal Traffic Services Unit for 7 years. There, I learned leadership skills, organizational and managerial skills and how to communicate with my team. 

 I am 57 years old and married to my wife Kim and we have 3 adult children and 5 wonderful grandchildren, all of whom live in Nanaimo. I was very active in the community throughout my career and continue to be today through community service groups, local charities, and anyone/ group who needs a helping hand.

I am honoured to be running as a candidate to represent the citizens of Nanaimo in the upcoming election and look forward to serving my community as a city councillor if elected.